iThemes Review


iThemes is one of the leaders in producing high-quality, professional WordPress themes, plugins and web design training.

iThemes was co-founded by Cory Miller and it’s headquarter is placed in Oklahoma City. It is the company supplying a range of professional themes for WordPress. iThemes has been used for WordPress for two years and that shows its superiority compared to the traditional site based on HTML. iThemes helps that working with themes becomes easier and more convenient. Besides, it has also created high-quality themes used for SEO.


iThemes is appreciated highly because in fact, it has a lot of different features compared to other company. There are many theme frameworks and each kind has special characteristics, but it can be said that the features of iThemes get it becoming commonly because of its innovation and usefulness. Following are some features of this great tool.

  • The layout of sites can be self- built by us to suit our demands and skills via specifications.
  •  The available child themes on this site can be used as the foundation of your sites for building one from scratch.
  • Widgets and images of your sites are personalized depending on your demands.
  • A lot of easy ways of revising the sites even if you are not a professional developer.
  • Tweak the CSS without any technical knowledge.
  • One year of support and updates from the site.


iThemes offers many different services with supports for different aims, so that the levels of price are not similar. Here are some levels you can consider:

  • Individual theme – $57 to $80.
  • Builder – $80 to $387, but the $197 Developer pack gives the best value.
  • BackupBuddy – $75 for 2 sites; $100 for 10 sites; $150 for unlimited sites.

When you buy iThemes products such as iThemes Premium WordPress themes, iThemes plugins, iThemes website design course, you should use iThemes coupon to save. You can also receive a 50% off if you use a backup buddy coupon code.


Anyone buying WordPress related products from iThemes company, whether those are the Builder tool, actual theme or the backup services also receives its great supports. They provide support via the form of both emails and phone support, and also create a FAQ section to perfectly explain to customers about popular problems or situations can be met before, during or after using. There is also a tutorial section on top of all to guide necessary steps helping you solve troubles.