Pagelines Review


A Drag & Drop Platform for WordPress, Use PageLines Drag & Drop Framework and WordPress to build professional websites faster, easier and better than ever before.

PageLines is known as an ordinary WordPress theme, but it has many conveniences which other themes don’t have, especially in the ways of designing the layout of blogs or websites.  Using a drag and drop system, you perfectly can design the sites in your needs and specifications. So, don’t worry if you are not an experienced designer or developer because PageLines is ready on simplifying your designing job.

Pros when using the theme

PageLines not only builds and supplements plugins according to customer specifications but also supply full front – end and back – end customization throughout PHP, HTML5, CSS and jQuery. It also provides options of PHP to revise any functionality of WordPress and PageLines or builds custom solutions from the beginning.

PageLines brings a new sight to life for designers via providing all programs of the CSS and javascript such as advanced CSS3, iQuery animation and AJAX program.


There are so many features of PageLines that this article can’t list all of them here. Those features are presented in the multitude of different facets on comparing with others. Following is the features considered as the most important things for design by PageLines:

  • You can visit its store to purchase all kinds of different plugins for sites or sell plugins you have created yourself. PageLines opens this store to the community not only in order for stimulating your creative ability about refreshing and new ideas but also to supplying more great plugins for your designing job.
  • Most sites of theme often claim that users don’t need all pieces of knowledge of coding on using their full extent. But PageLines proves that this is perfectly true.
  • Its plugins are fully integrated with WordPress, so you can use all of them from both offer and PageLines store.
  • The designing work is easier by the drag and drop system.

PageLines Pricing

PageLines has two different price points for different kinds of client. A cheaper edition costs $197 and a more expensive one costs $397. The cheaper edition is given for those seeking to work on their own websites while the remaining edition – The Developer Edition- is given for professional developers on creating many sites for their customers. Maybe, its price points are higher than other companies, don’t forget that it is a special thing considered as the standard theme for WordPress. It is a foundation to create all of the personal sites in your needs.

PageLines Support

PageLines not only has two price points but also offers two support levels including Dedicated Support and Priority Dedicated Support.  Each level has email interaction with members of PageLines in order to always send personalised service to the customer for solving problems. Even, If you have the Developer Edition, you can engage the support desk via questions about different solutions on customising your sites.