Studiopress Review

It can be denied the important of a theme in your blog, so it is essential to find an appropriate one for yours.

There are thousands of WordPress themes on the internet, and this makes people who are new to WordPress difficult to choose themes to customize their websites. Have you ever heard of StudioPress? It is one of the most popular premium WordPress theme providers, has a wide selection of premium themes in three service package.

The founder of StudioPress which is founded in 2007, is Brian Gardner. StudioPress is not only well known for its high-quality themes but also its framework, Genesis Theme FrameWork.

Pros & Cons when using theme


Visualization: Everything you want to see is in your eyes, find a good theme and make your site lively. There are many themes that will fit your idea.

SEO: With a premium theme as StudioPress, your site will rank well on search engines, SEO optimized themes. It will be an advantage for you to advertise your site.

Convenience: Imagine you could change your font size, your site header, insert your advertise code, resize image…., do everything by selecting and no more. It is so easy for you to control your own website.


Security: This is an important thing when you use a theme. Many systems or website vulnerabilities will be exploited to steal your information. Just download at the Trust website.


You could purchase or get a Genesis FrameWork, and you will discover some excellent features of premium StudioPress themes

Professional Design and Customization

You could access all of the premium themes through Genesis FrameWork. The StudioPress customization is designed for your to configure all blog settings easily. StudioPress is a highly customizable and allows you to build in custom functions.

Supports and Updates

By using the Genesis FrameWork, you could change your overall site settings without changing the SEO and functionality. You could access all new themes easily; it is so convenient. You will get the help from other members or the staff, just come to ask for help.

The Genesis FrameWork

It could be the best feature that StudioPress provides you. The framework is useful for you to customize your site, it also optimizes SEO, raises up your website rank.

Plans and Pricing

It costs you 59.95$ to have Genesis theme and framework; it is so cheap. It also includes one-time purchase fee and unlimited updates.

With 349.95$, you could have the pro plus package including all feature themes, and Genesis framework, and many other things.


If you have any question, StudioPress has a forum where you could ask other members or ask the help from the staffs.

Different Genesis with other competitors

The Genesis framework is verified to be compatible with every new WordPress update, so do not be afraid about that.

The Genesis is the difference between StudioPress and others. It is easy to update and customize your website without changing any functional settings. You could use the child theme separately. The genesis theme settings include much important as SEO settings, breadcrumbs, site settings.

You can access all new premium WordPress themes when you have the full membership, get the unlimited supports, updates, themes…