Woothemes Review

Introduction Woothemes

Today, it is not surprised when each of us has an own blog. Finding a theme to make your blog more beautiful and attractive wilI make us some difficulties. Because a normal blogger could not design a theme himself, so it is the best to search and use a suitable one. There are thousand of themes on the internet including the custom and premium themes. If you have selected a custom theme, you will use without any cost, but if you want a premium themes for your blog, if your blog was powered by the WordPress, try the Woo Themes.

Woo Themes is a provider of high-quality WordPress themes, is well known for its huge selection of premium themes. WooThemes is a project started by three respected designers – Addi, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester and now, it becomes more and more common in WordPress bloggers.

Pros & Cons when using theme


Beauty: It cannot be denied that if you have an appropriate theme your WordPress blog site will look greater. You can change the sad theme if you have a fair day, add a top hit song, change the background… Your blog will be whatever you want it to be.

Easy to use: You do not need to code hundreds of lines of code to change the image background, you just use the interface to change layouts, fonts… I think it spends you no more one day to get used to with all things with the theme. All suggestions are on the menu, setting, and now you will discover it.

Support: If you use the premium themes, and you got the problems while using, feel free to ask the support team or your theme provider.The framework community will also help you.


Time: It is not waste of time when you install your theme and get used to with it, but the more images in your blog, the slower it takes to load your site.

Potential Risk: It is true that the cyber crimes are all around you. It is riskier when you use the free themes because the attackers could embed the virus into your theme to steal your private information.


Blog Layout Settings: A new menu “Theme Name” will display on the left navigation bar, and with this menu, you could configure the page layout quickly.

General Setting: You could change the color of layout or background, font size and the RSS feed URL. It is easy to change your setting by selecting the list.

Typography: Change the style and font size of the page by selecting the list. It is very simple and easy.


The price of each package from 70$-200$, depending on what package you want.

The price to become a member of WooThemes club is 125$ and 200$ with the start up fee, and 20$ and 25$ for the month fee. The member could access all themes.


WooThemes supporters provide the full documentation, the solved problems and tutorials. You could ask the members in forum or Twitter.