WordPress Hosting

Here are some bad things that can happen when you don’t choose the best WP hosting for your needs:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Negative effect on your SEO Ranking
  • Security and Malware Attacks

WordPress hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

When creating a new WordPress website, the first thing you need is a good reliable web host. Choosing the best web hosting for your needs can improve your SEO and increase sales. There are various different types of WordPress hosting options available such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. The best hosting companies provide great performance, exceptional support and 1-click WordPress installation to make the setup super easy.

If you’ve thought about creating a WordPress-powered site, you have two choices – consider going on a managed WordPress Web hosting route or pick one of the trusted shared hosting providers. We personally use the professional web hosting review site –top5hosting.co.uk, which today announced the top 5 WordPress web hosting choices for 2015. On the list are BlueHost, Siteground, GoDaddy, InMotion and Tsohost – 5 leading providers of shared web hosting.

These web hosting companies receive the award, because they possess many edges that can help WordPress users start, develop and optimize a WP website easily.

What Is Managed WordPress Web Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting uses a platform that’s designed specifically for WordPress. Due to the popularity of WordPress, several web hosting providers have chosen to specialize in WordPress and offer what’s known as managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is a concierge service where all technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by the web hosting company. This includes enhanced security, faster speed, daily WordPress updates, daily backups, maximize website uptime, automaticWordPress plugins updates, page caching for faster site load times, malware detection and removal and of course scalability.

What Is Shared WordPress Web Hosting ?

Shared WordPress Web Hosting means that one physical server and the allocated resources hosted on that server are shared between many users. By having multiple sites on the same server, web hosting companies can provide the service at much more affordable rates. Actually, on the shared hosting platform each user has his own limit on particular services like disk space, monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases etc. The biggest problem with shared WordPress web hosting is the limited resources at your disposal. Sharing a server is sharing system resources with other users on one physical machine and therefore every user has some restrictions on their service.


In short, a managed WordPress installation gives you a few less things to worry about, but managed WordPress hosting is significantly more expensive when compared to shared hosting and a managed WordPress environment won’t allow you to set up a non-WordPress site – that’s something else to keep in mind.

If you are a beginner who is starting a blog or a simple website, then you DO NOT need managed WordPress hosting. You should start with regular shared WordPress hosting which is a lot more affordable. We recommend you to read the professional SiteGround review.