What is Layers for WordPress?

Layers is a WordPress Theme framework focused on extending the WordPress core functionality to include layout building through theWordPress Visual Customizer. A lightweight set of base options, widgets and theme templates provide a user-friendly, extensible tool for creating beautiful, WordPress-faithful websites.

A WordPress site builder so simple, you’ll be a pro the first time you use it. And… It’s free, forever. With Layers you don’t need a degree in HTML and CSS to get the design you desire. With preset layouts and the easy to use Design Bar, you never have to worry about what goes on under the hood.

“Open Source and Extendable, just like WordPress”

There are many companies within the WordPress industry who have created their own site builders on top of the platform. By using WordPress as a base, they’ve created some heavyweight tools for site creation. However, their interfaces are so different to the WordPress interface that it’s hard to call them WordPress at all. Choose the best wordpress hosting for your needs.

Use Layers to create your own themes and extensions

Layers is a theme framework which you can use to build your own amazing themes and extensions. Visit LayersWP documentation to learn how to create a new site with Layers and to become a master builder with Layers Widgets.

  • Built for WordPress – Unlike other HTML Frameworks which try to cover everything, Layers has been built specifically for WP, which means no bloat.
  • Open Source – The Layers source code is freely available on GitHub, meaning you can grab it and twist it to your heart’s content.
  • Child Theming – One of the most important elements of Layers is child theming. The delelopers’ve done everything to optimize your experience.
  • Hooks & Actions – Layers has an ever expanding set of hooks and filters that enable you to take this theme as far as you can imagine.
  • Developer – Codex An incredibly detailed codex has been created for you to use as reference when developing new themes or extensions.
  • Clean, Validated Code – A painful review process by WordPress’ finest has resulted in beautiful and compliant codebase held to the highest standards.
  • HTML5 – A focus on WordPress theme requirements has resulted in an HTML framework that’s lightweight & extendable.
  • CSS3 – Simple and up-to-date with the latest techniques to keep file size to a minimum and readability to a maximum.


Anyone can create their web presence with Layers, from a global digital agency’s showcase to a local corner coffee shop and with WooCommerce compatibility standard out-the-box, you’re ready to start selling from the get-go. Layers is easy, powerful and free forever. Sounds good ?